Once upon a time, there was a band named Haywood… while they haven’t played in quite a while, they never officially had a farewell concert (and probably never will). With that said, today, we would like to announce the return of Haywood. That’s right, just in case you never got your fill, you can now come back for more. If everything works out, there will be two shows this fall, one in Houston and one in College Station. We’re currently finding dates and venues, so we’ll get back to you soon.

*We’ve secured the contractual services of two very important figures in the history of Haywood. Jeffrey Schiefelbein will be the official roadie for the 2013 mini-tour, and the renowned Chris Huntley will make his triumphant return to the percussion zone

But, I can’t wait that long to hear Haywood!

That’s okay, we got some more good news for you. Our long neglected website has just had a nice facelift. It’s easier than ever to sample some songs, and look at photos of past concerts. We’ve also re-established ourselves on Facebook. Make sure to swing by and Like us, here.

As if that’s not enough, our full catalog of albums is headed to iTunes. The songs have been uploaded, and should be available for purchase within days. This works out nicely, as we’re just about out of physical copies.

Spread the word!

You can learn more about why these shows are happening, here: breesandlin.com